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The world’s challenges can be solved through entrepreneurship

In the latest episode of our True Connections Podcast, Alan Hooks speaks to the award winning serial entrepreneur and technology industry leader, Ganesh Bangah, also widely referred to as ‘the Bill Gates of Malaysia’. In addition to hearing the fascinating story of the youngest CEO of a listed company in Malaysia, we learn how the passionate tech advocate intends to solve some of the world’s challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship.




Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Alan’s and Ganesh’s conversation:

With his enormous interests in computers, Ganesh managed to understand the fundamentals and “building blocks” of technology, gradually connecting the dots between the “building blocks” to create useful platforms and applications for end-users.

Ganesh founded his first Fintech company when he was 20 years old (even before the term ‘Fintech’ was coined) and also had the vision that e-commerce and growth marketing represent the future and aspirations of generations to come.

A ‘visionary’ who foresaw market trends ahead of their time
Ganesh is an award-winning entrepreneur and start-up investor, having founded his first internet business, MOL AccessPortal Sdn. Bhd. (MOL), in the year 2000 at the age of 20.

Ganesh points out that timing is the critical success factor for internet businesses and emerging technologies. While location may have played a significant role in traditional businesses, having the full knowledge of the market and competitors are the basic blocks for sustainable success.

Although the pandemic may have brought the retail sector to its knees, Ganesh already envisioned decades ago that consumers would embrace online shopping. The winning merchants, in turn, are savvy ones who would embrace digital growth technologies and influencers. In other words, it’s about disrupting an already disrupted consumer reality to create memorable experiences, or as per the tagline of his Commerce. Asia empire: “Delivering happiness to trading.”

Ganesh saw the need for e-commerce enablers via the up-and-coming virtual video platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live etc. Hence, he has been investing in various start-ups to helm two  empires: e-commerce ecosystem Commerce Asia and digital growth ecosystem Netccentric Group

“It is not about creating technology for the sake of the technology alone. But to create the technology or applications to solve the problems of the end-users, while delighting their senses through memorable experiences.” Ganesh stated.

Combining an interest in technology with a passion for solving the world’s problem through the power of influencer marketing
In an increasingly engaging trend, savvy companies are realising success through the power of influencer marketing, which is also substantially lower in costs when compared to traditional advertising mediums.

Ganesh’s Netcentric Group is synonymous with being ‘Asia’s Pioneering Digital Growth Ecosystem’ with a diversified product portfolio and multiple revenue streams. The Group offers end-to-end market solutions and is trusted by some of the world’s most established household brands such as Nestle, P&G, and Ikea.

With over 300 clients and a network spanning 15,000 influencers, Netccentric prides itself on empowering communities with innovative digital platforms, providing its diverse client base of leading brands with results-focused growth strategies.

Its influencer platform, Nuffnang, is Malaysia’s pioneering social media influencer and content company, with the ‘Nuffnang Live Commerce’ platform providing a complete automated video commerce solution for social media. Leveraging our strength and expertise in influencer marketing, the Group transitions engagement into actual revenue & sales.

Influencers are very important. They are providing a cost-effective way to advertise on social media. This acts as an alternative channel to traditional marketing.

Ganesh Bangah

Asia, meanwhile, is Ganesh’s ‘All in One’ e-commerce ecosystem that integrates best of breed technology solutions, talent development programmes, and big data insights for South East Asian businesses to succeed online. It is the region’s most comprehensive ecosystem with a database of over 8 million SMEs across 7 countries and 102,000 active sellers that sell over USD850 million worth of goods annually. This is done through Commerce. Asia’s various omnichannel, delivery fulfillment, dropship, and merchandising platforms.

Looking into the future
When asked about the purpose and mission in business plans, he stated that every business he started has a purpose for it. Ganesh is guided by the belief that the world’s challenges can be solved through entrepreneurship.

“Financial market is not the end game. In the future, I aim to build an army of entrepreneurs to solve difficult problems of the world. I would empower them to solve problems over time.”