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Reimagining our working lives

In our latest edition of Julius Baer’s True Connections podcast, Calum Brewster, Managing Director at Julius Baer UK, speaks with Monica Parker, Founder of Hatch Analytics. Hatch are experts in understanding workplace behaviour, wellbeing and facilities, how companies work, interact and think. Given the current climate, Monica has some fascinating insight into how we can think differently about our work and what steps we can take to build a new norm for the long term.





Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Calum and Monica’s conversation:

True connections podcast with Monica Parker


  • Download audio | MP3, 35 MB
  • Monica’s passion is working with companies to challenge their status quo, and to see the performance benefits of workplace transformation. In normal circumstances this is a gradual shift but given the current pandemic, the need to rapidly transform the way we work has forced many of us to make radical changes.

    First and foremost, she believes that the situation we find ourselves in is a huge opportunity to fix the autonomy crisis that exists in the modern work place. By this, she means that traditionally, many people are not given the level of autonomy to work the way that suits them best. We have now been thrust into our homes and given more autonomy than ever imagined. With that in mind, the best tool that we can give our teams right now, is to help individuals determine how they work best and to structure their own working day. 

    This podcast explores how this works in practice; how we can create our new operating rhythms, stay connected, managing our wellbeing and mental health, set up our home offices and manage the feeling of guilt that many are facing.  

    Fundamentally our challenge is to explore how we can come out of this crisis with a more autonomous work culture, more compassionate communities, greater connectedness and a different shared purpose.

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