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A European firm for European entrepreneurs

In this edition of our True Connections podcast, Calum Brewster, Managing Director at Julius Baer UK, speaks with Hugh Campbell, Founder and Managing Partner of GP Bullhound. Starting at the height of the dot com boom through to Europe’s “Tech 2.0”, listen to Hugh’s thoughts on where the next “unicorn” may come from and how a few shining lights have shown the way for the next European tech titan.




Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Calum and Hugh’s conversation:

True Connections Podcast - A European firm for European entrepreneurs


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  • Meet Hugh Campbell
    Having founded GP Bullhound, a technology advisory and investment firm, along with two friends over 20 years ago, Hugh has had plenty of experience working with the world’s best tech companies, entrepreneurs and shareholders.

    So what’s the biggest change he’s seen in those 20 years? The speed with which today’s tech companies are being built. Google took 10 years to reach an annual revenue of $1bn. In the same time, Uber reached $50bn in annual revenue. 

    This speed of disruption means today’s business leaders need to learn how to be decisive and be prepared to make mistakes. And cities from all corners of Europe are quickly positioning themselves as hubs for global innovation with the belief that they can make it big on the global stage. 

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