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Sabrina Ratté: creating a parallel reality from Montreal to Marseille

Imagine having a different view of reality where normal expectations are juxtaposed with creative imagination. The artistic enterprises of Sabrina Ratté utilise digital technologies such as video, animation, audio-visual performances, and virtual reality mixed with analogue technologies and photography to promote a different way of looking at the world.




Blending the past with the future
With a background in film production, Sabrina Ratté developed a fascination with the electronic nature of the medium. Her passion led to an exploration of the influence digital pioneers of the past have on the art of the present. These pioneers have become Ratté’s teachers as she blends the artistry of the past with the technological advances of the present that will continue to evolve into the future. Blending tools from different eras is a recognised feature of Ratté’s work. The result of her artistic enterprises is pieces of work and performances that contain elements of the past and the future and as such are out of the time. In the world of Sabrina Ratté, everything is possible, and life can be viewed from many different angles. Her work challenges perceptions and brings a parallel reality to life.

Bringing inspirations from traditional art to the digital world
In the context of seeking inspiration from yesterday and today, Ratté feels an affinity with the architecture around her and the way that it influences personal feelings as well as the environment. Her surroundings are of supreme importance to her creativity. In her early career, Ratté was also influenced by video and computer art. She has progressed to wider influences that embrace traditional art media such as paintings and sculptures. They provide her with a greater depth of perspective.

Bringing Floralia to DAZ 2021
Sabrina Ratté recently brought her unique artistic view of the world to Digital Art Zurich from October 27 – 31, 2021. The renowned art installation took place across famous institutions including Museum für Gestaltung and the music club Moods, as well as several less traditional spaces. The program for Digital Art Zurich included installations, performances, talks, and concerts. The aim of the event was to showcase exceptional creativity in art against a backdrop of social development discussions and examinations of the influence of digital technologies.

'Floralia' is a simulation of ecosystems born from the fusion of technology and organic matter, where past and future coexist in a perpetual tension of the present.

Sabrina Ratté, Artist

Julius Baer was excited to sponsor this year’s Digital Art Zurich. It represents the perfect amalgamation of our commitment to the promotion of the arts and our belief in the value that digital disruption can bring. Sabrina Ratté shares this belief, and we eagerly anticipated the opportunity to experience her work Floralia at Digital Art Zurich. The work is inspired by the writings of Donna J. Haraway, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Greg Egan. It transports us into a perceived future. Here, samples of plant species that have become extinct are on view in a virtual archive room. The room begins to change when affected by the memories of the plants thereby creating an atmosphere influenced by traces of the past. The intention behind Floralia is to simulate ecosystems where technology and organic matter are fused together and where past and present exist in the present. It’s a fascinating concept that captures the artistry and intentions of Sabrina Ratté.

Views on the art world and how it should evolve
As she prepared for Digital Art Zurich, Ratté spoke of how the global pandemic has accelerated interest in all things digital including digital art. There has been an increased appetite for viewing artistic representations in a virtual world rather than face to face. However, Ratté believes that a physical presence must also exist. The future is about the interplay between physical and virtual where we visit installations in person and do not only view them digitally. When it comes to this future, Ratté wants to see more integration of digital art into the art scene. This is already starting to happen, and it is having an impact on creativity. Ratté also wants more open discussions about art, why we create, and how we attempt to connect through our artistic endeavours. In terms of her own future, Sabrina Ratté is working on a new project in the north of France. This new installation will have a similar focus to that of Floralia but will be created using different techniques. The work is for Le Fresnoy where Ratté is an invited artist this year.

Ratté is also excited to be hosting a solo exhibition starting 16 March 2022 which is part of the 2021-2022 season at La Gaîté Lyrique. The exhibition focuses on the image and its role in the history of art including selfies, zoom culture, and “overflow” of reality.

As promoters of the arts, we are excited to be part of Ratté’s journey at Digital Art Zurich and eagerly anticipate her influential work in years to come.

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