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We accompanied Gabriel Prokofiev before, during and after his performance in Verbier this summer. In the below video, he expresses his motivation for composing and his efforts to continue the environmental discussions.

Centuries lie between the beginnings of classical and electronic music. Nevertheless, the two fit together perfectly, as Gabriel Prokofiev has proved repeatedly. When it comes to fusing the two styles together, the grandson of composer Sergei Prokofiev does not shy away from the big names. For this year’s Verbier Festival, the composer, DJ, producer, and record label owner took on Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony. He deliberately chose the “Pastoral”, composed in 1808, because it describes the beauty of nature.

So when you're a teenager. you need to know that classical music is open to you. It's not just something for older people or people who study music.

Gabriel Prokofiev

The beauty of nature, which 200 years later is in existential danger, is precisely what Gabriel Prokofiev wants to draw attention to with his “Pastoral Reflections”, which he composed especially for the Verbier Festival as part of an hour-long sound and music project called “Pastoral 21”. It is not only an answer to Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, but also an appeal for greater environmental awareness and an ecological lifestyle. These issues are also very important to us at Julius Baer. With our sustainability strategy, in the future, we also want to continue to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment process, implement sustainability principles even more strongly and proactively reduce our ecological footprint.

Moreover, Bank Julius Baer and the Verbier Festival Unlimited, in association with Nonclassical, Prokofiev’s label, brought “Pastoral 21”, to Glasgow at the beginning of November to coincide with the events of COP26.

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