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Elbphilharmonie ‘Innerviews’ - Dino Brandão

"Sometimes it’s strange where life takes us – leading us down unknown avenues", Dino Brandão reflects in the Elbphilharmonie Innerview. He knows what he is talking about. The skater boy and musician has already had to take a few turns, but now he has got both feet on the stage – and perhaps sometimes one foot still on his board.




“I believe that when we make and listen to music, we are all baking a single huge musical cake”, he says grinning: “And this cake is just getting better and better.”

On the bouncy castle: Innerview with Dino Brandão
 You can often see him – a cool guy with an afro and a guitar – cruising through Zurich on his skateboard. Most of the time he is wearing a broad grin, sometimes almost a mischievous one. Though Brugg-born Dino Brandão has not had it easy in recent years: multiple injuries kept the skateboarding singer off the halfpipe; and when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it almost threw him off course... and yet: “It’s amazing how we find the strength to cope in all kinds of situations”, he says. A motto in life that has always served him well.

“Play, improvise, listen and learn – for me it’s an ongoing process. And I hope I can keep at it for some time to come.”
As a former street musician, he fronted the Swiss band ’Frank Powers’, showcasing his extraordinary voice. Today, he tours the European music world as a supergroup with Faber and Sophie Hunger, and in the summer of 2021 he also brought thunderous applause to the Elbphilharmonie. For a few months now, he has also been riding the solo wave: the musician with Angolan roots calls his sound ’Afro Psych’. In his songs, he deals among other things with the twist of fate he experienced last year, his fears and his hopes. They are inspired by a combination of jazz, instrumental hip-hop, pop and a touch of folk. His first single is called ’Bouncy Castle’ – and is about a person with a never-say-die attitude.

It’s great to have experienced everything: from a large, highly concentrated audience to a small crowd of people listening to you.

Dino Brandão, Artist

A crazy place: Dino Brandão on the stage
The Elbphilharmonie? A skater’s paradise, a ’crazy place’, says Dino Brandão happily – a place that energises him. The likeable young man can hardly believe it himself that he and his friends filled the Great Hall here in the summer: “Barely ten years ago I was still a street musician”, he recalls: "It’s great to have experienced everything: from a large, highly concentrated audience to a small crowd of people listening to you.

Dino Brandão is unlikely to be facing a small audience any time soon. With his guitar and characteristic voice, he has played his way deep into the hearts of an evergrowing fan base. And yes, he will find his way in this new world, too, the artist – and life artist: “Sometimes life is totally surreal. But I love it.”

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