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Jaime Agramott: Improving water quality with technology

Jaime Agramott is the CEO of the Daxtro Group, a company located in the Swiss canton Ticino. The organisation is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions designed to improve water quality. Read on to learn more about their exciting projects, the Swiss start up environment and Jaime’s tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.




Jaime Agramott is a prime example of an excellent entrepreneur, demonstrating how a passion for engineering combined with a strong sense of purpose can create a successful company. Commenting on what inspires his entrepreneurial vision, Jaime explains: “my motivation comes from knowing that our products enable clean drinking water to be brought to those who need it most all around the world.”

By reducing the costs of technology, more people across the globe will be able to benefit from access to clean, fresh water.

Jaime Agramott

Achieving sustainable water purification
So how does it work? “Daxtro produces low profile devices that can be installed directly on the outside of water pipelines, regardless of whether they are used in homes or businesses,” explains the young CEO. “The device transmits complex signals through the water, eliminating the challenges associated with limestone, rust, algae and bacteria.” The compact device houses the Electromagnetic Target Adjusted Pulse (emTAP) patented technology. The solution achieves water purification in a way that removes the need for filters and potentially harmful chemicals.

In addition to developing water purification solutions for homes and businesses, Daxtro is also designing innovative wastewater treatment plants. Jaime believes that reducing technology costs is vital to achieving meaningful change. “By reducing the costs of technology, more people across the globe will be able to benefit from access to clean, fresh water.”

Furthermore, the company intends to reduce the consumption of energy across all homes and businesses installed with its solutions by up to 30%.

The Swiss start-up environment
Jaime is very proud to be the CEO of a company based in Ticino. He emphasises the importance of quality for the Daxtro Group, a trait, which he says, is synonymous with Switzerland. “Switzerland is the best country in the world to make entrepreneurs,” states Jaime.

“The government supported us immensely. Foundations offered us advice and coaching, and monetary support for start-ups helps a lot, especially in the early phases.” The geographic location of Ticino has also provided the organisation with a strategic advantage, providing excellent access to various parts of Switzerland and Europe more widely.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
Even though the charismatic entrepreneur was lucky enough to have received lots of support, establishing a company never comes without challenges. Here are Jaime’s three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Be passionate about your products, purpose and potential - “The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy road. One of the most challenging aspects of it is the lack of free time. Having less time to spend with family and friends is hard, but there are also a great many benefits to becoming an entrepreneur. In my experience, the greatest of these benefits is the immense satisfaction that comes from achieving your entrepreneurial goals. This experience is particularly special when you are passionate about your products, purpose, and potential.”
  2. Educate your stakeholders - “A crucial piece of advice I would give to aspiring entrepreneurs is to help stakeholders to truly understand how your products and solutions work. In the early stages of setting up our enterprise, we discovered that it is important to build a comprehensive understanding among all stakeholders. This helps to build cohesion and to provide important context, improving decision-making and precision.”
  3. Put the right people in the right places - “Our success is due in part to our philosophy of making sure the right people are aligned with the right tasks. This foundational principle has allowed us to produce our own devices and set up in-house functions like research and development. Taking this approach has enabled us to be dynamic in the way we design and develop new technologies. Furthermore, it has enriched the services we offer to our clients. To provide an example, at Daxtro we are very proud of our technical experts and engineers. By nurturing and positioning this expertise effectively, Daxtro can conduct rapid prototyping in a lean, agile way.”

The road ahead
Having successfully tackled the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jaime has set his sights on entering the European markets in 2021, as well as beginning to take Daxtro products to the United States. Building on these ambitions, the CEO plans for the group to reach the global markets within the next five years. Jaime believes that his solutions have a major role to play in improving the experience of students and patients at schools and hospitals respectively, as well as the lives of home and business owners around the world.


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