The 2022 awards for ‘Best Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Best Innovative Client Solutions’ acknowledge the excellence of Julius Baer’s in-house wealth management technology. They testify to the Bank’s strategy of keeping a nimble and competitive edge when responding to clients’ needs, and empowering them to seize opportunities that will allow them and their businesses to thrive.

“It is a great delight and an honour to have won the awards,” says Nic Dreckmann, Julius Baer’s Chief Operating Officer and Head Intermediaries. “Not only do these accolades substantiate our credibility as a market leader in the wealth management industry, but also they recognise our efforts and investments in digitalisation in recent years. We will further invest in digital solutions – from artificial intelligence, to robotics, to data intelligence – to create added value for our clients.”

The awards result from a multi-year strategy of investing in both our people and technology, to meet clients’ rapidly evolving needs. Systematic fact finding has sparked the most recent innovations: importantly, our relationship managers constantly talk with clients, gathering their feedback about the opportunities they see and challenges they face on a daily basis. “Investing in technology has been one of our top priorities to galvanise our relationship managers and enable them to address their clients’ needs, in a world of business operations increasingly characterised by agility, efficiency and smart processes”, explains Dreckmann.

Freeing up more time for clients

To equip relationship managers with future-proof solutions and ultimately to help them serve clients better, we have designed a digitalisation strategy to differentiate Julius Baer from the competition. More importantly, we have upgraded relationship managers’ tools by developing artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that increase automation, boost efficiency and scale up the business. All in all, our relationship managers have more resources to do what they do best: provide comprehensive wealth management solutions and cater for clients’ unique needs.

We have developed our AI-driven solutions in-house, aiming to gain a better understanding of our relationships with intermediaries, as well as to support relationship managers. The new solutions yield tangible benefits, as they deliver state-of-the-art predictions from non-black box models that equip relationship managers to help intermediaries serve their own clients.

The best success stories are never written alone

We know that successful relationships are symbiotic, and we understand the importance of continuously listening to our clients to empower them for business success. Ultimately, winning these awards would not have been possible without our clients’ honest feedback and the trust they place in us. The awards also underscore Julius Baer’s commitment to the intermediary business: we will continuously strive to remain the bank of choice for intermediaries, both in our European home market and the rest of the world.

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