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Responsible wealth management

Invest sustainably, invest in what matters to you.

At Julius Baer, we empower you to have a positive impact, both today and in the future. The key to doing this successfully is having a deep understanding of your unique needs, for example, what you want to achieve with your wealth and how you want to accumulate, preserve, and transfer it to the next generation. Our sustainability strategy underscores the importance of our role in serving as a trusted partner on your sustainability journey. And as you pursue this path, our goal is to provide the transparent and reliable insights you require to make informed choices.

Each investment journey is personal, and we help our clients invest in what matters to them. To support you in defining your journey, we provide:

  • Guidance on clearly articulating your values, ambitions, and profile.
  • Transparency on your portfolio’s sustainability profile and an investment ‘health-check’.
  • Support in co-creating a strategy that will meet your objectives.

Once you have defined these elements and are ready to set out, we accompany you every step of the way with the help of a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of:

  • Products and solutions
  • Transparent reporting  
  • Thought leadership
  • Networks

Products and solutions

From investments to philanthropic ventures, we offer a range of options that suit your personal profile and level of ambition. Our approach to responsible wealth management encompasses responsible investing, sustainable investing, impact investing, and philanthropy services. 

Transparent reporting: Empowering clients through robust information

Reliability and transparency are at the heart of responsible wealth management at Julius Baer. We therefore ensure you have a comprehensive overview of your portfolio and provide transparent reports on its sustainability and financial performance. To be the best partner possible, we also place great importance on ensuring effective communication through dialogue, and strive to create effective communication structures.

Thought leadership: Providing the bigger picture

We use our expertise to select and share pertinent information about current and future sustainability, impact, and philanthropy trends. Through you access to investment and ESG experts, you can be confident your decisions will be based on robust evidence.

Networks: Just as our expertise becomes yours, our networks become your networks

A person’s biggest impact may not come as a result of what they do, but who they connect with. We therefore actively create networking opportunities so that you can engage with like-minded individuals, families, investors, and experts. We also give you the possibility to join a global network of purpose-driven individuals with whom you can meet in person or virtually to engage in a dialogue.


Let us help you get started on your sustainability journey.