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Investment approach

Recognising the major shifts that are transforming life as we know it and investing accordingly.

Investing requires a subtle mix of discipline and knowledge but also intuition, as markets are above all a social ecosystem reflecting collective expectations - sometimes rightly so, but not always.

Managing money stands at the frontier between art and science

Julius Baer’s Investment Approach for discretionary mandates is about accepting the realities of today’s world and at the same time recognising the major shifts that are transforming life as we know it.
Faced with an investment environment increasingly driven by politics and a longer-term trend towards all things digital, traditional asset allocation has become a relic of the past and greater patience is needed to ride out volatility.

Investment beliefs

We stand by a set of investment beliefs along five core categories that guide us through our proprietary asset allocation process:

Fundamental beliefs

  • There are a few absolute investment truths.
  • There must be a set of investment beliefs that reflect our strengths and weaknesses as investors.
  • We challenge your investment biases – just as we challenge our own.
  • Skill and market efficiency
  • There are few arbitrage opportunities.
  • Noise is not information: active bets must reflect a testable edge and be original.
  • Contrarian views are to be followed sparingly.

Strategic choices

  • Portfolio construction is central: we combine building blocks into a meaningful portfolio.
  • The chosen strategic asset allocation must be appropriate and survivable.
  • Following a committee’s market timing adds no value – taking risks is necessary from time to time.
  • It can pay to be fully invested.

Market behaviour

  • We follow our Chief Investment Officer’s (CIO) analyses.
  • Mean reversion may not happen within a useful time frame.

Investment Horizon

  • The investment horizon is a crucial factor for determining the appropriate investment strategy.
  • We encourage you to opt for long investment horizons.

Investment process

Our investment approach is founded on a four-step investment process through which we aim to manage risk and returns in a systematic way. As a client, you will be drawing benefits from each of these steps.


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