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Julius Baer Art Prize

Latin American Female Artists

The Julius Baer Art Prize for Latin American Female Artists gives artists a unique opportunity to make their artistic thought and production known whilst helping promote their creative development. The project aims to exhibit the work of pioneering female artists in art exploration and who are among the most influential and innovative women of our time.

Jb art prize beatriz sanchez en

The mission of this new prize is to pay tribute to the production of Latin American female artists for their innovation, research and influence on modern art, offering a fund to develop a new project in situ, which will be exhibited on the Julius Baer hall on the third floor of MAMBO.

“... What we want to do with this Latin American Art Prize is to look and promote women who have potential, so that they have a possibility because it is important that every voice be heard, not just certain voices”, says Beatriz Sanchez, Member of the Executive Board and Head of Region Americas at Julius Baer.

This prize underlines the importance of Julius Baer’s action in supporting cultural initiatives for the development of artistic thought and production among Latin American female artists.

The Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá - MAMBO is one of the leading institutions in art and culture in Colombia. Founded in 1953, its mission is to nurture critical thought concerning artistic and cultural practices in this country and in Latin America as a whole.

To know more about the prize and the finalists, visit the MAMBO.