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Fraud alert

Important notices related to security and fraud issues

At Julius Baer, we are committed to ensure the safety and security of financial and personal data and to combat cybercrime. We would like to remind our clients and other stakeholders to be cautious when interacting via electronic means or relying on material information linked to Julius Baer, as our name and brand might be abused by unauthorized third parties for illegitimate or fraudulent activities. Such illegitimate or fraudulent activities may e.g. be conducted through different means such as fake websites, fabricated e-mails or references or fake profiles on social media platforms, alleged business relationships with Julius Baer or faked confirmations, promises and guarantees.  We therefore encourage our clients and other stakeholders to check carefully the authenticity of systems, websites and documentation before commencing to interact (including providing sensitive information) and/or relying on. We recommend contacting Julius Baer via its official website/URL: “”. In case of any doubt or before taking any material action we recommend to independently verifying the authenticity of any information related to Julius Baer.

Julius Baer is reporting fraudulent matters to and cooperating with the competent regulators and authorities and takes further actions. Please also refer to the respective websites of regulatory authorities such as in Switzerland of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA, providing useful information (including warning lists) to prevent falling victim of abusive and fraudulent websites and offerings in the financial industry.

If clients are concerned that they may have disclosed their personal information or have conducted any financial transactions through e.g. a fraudulent website allegedly linked to Julius Baer, they should immediately contact Julius Baer at and the competent authorities.

Current security and fraud alerts:

In particular, Julius Baer would like to alert its clients and members of the public to the following websites, profiles and e-mail domains, which Julius Baer strongly recommends not to interact with for any communication or dealings with Julius Baer. This list is being updated on a regular basis but does not claim to be comprehensive or complete.


  • /
  • Job offerings for a “General Trading/Operations Associate” or similar financial positions sent by individuals using the email domain (e.g.,, for Bank Julius Baer, Julius Baer Nomura Wealth Management  Ltd. or any other Julius Baer company.


Selected warning list of regulators: