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Julius Baer is pleased to be the Headline Sponsor for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the UK




The role of entrepreneurs cannot be underestimated as contributors to the rejuvenation of the UK and global economy.  They are creators of wealth, jobs and opportunity and despite the challenges of 2020, the appetite for entrepreneurship has not slowed.  Entrepreneurs are specialists in identifying challenges, and with new and positive thinking they create concepts, jobs and innovation.

Their inspiration drives change and their unbounded ambition and determination helps to support the momentum of economic needs, and we recognise that more than ever.  They know their part, and we know ours; ours is to support them, to encourage them, to open doors for them, to share our knowledge with them, and with entrepreneurial spirit at the core of our business, Julius Baer is pleased to be the 2021 Headline Sponsor for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the UK. This complements our existing partnership with EY in Ireland.

This year, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ have highlighted entrepreneurs as the Unstoppables – the inspirational individuals whose unbounded ambition delivers the innovation, growth and prosperity that transform our world.  Julius Baer is excited to be part of the recognition and celebration of the achievements of these Unstoppables.  Our involvement in this programme shows the belief that we have in this group of dynamic innovators as they scale up and create opportunities that will help to rejuvenate our economy.

David Durlacher, CEO of Julius Baer International says “The culture of entrepreneurialism that has existed since Victorian times is one of the things that makes the UK economy unique. Today, as the nation prepares to come out of lockdown, we expect to see entrepreneurs at the forefront of meeting the challenges of restarting the economy. As Headline Sponsor of Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 UK, we look forward to celebrating the stories of some of these remarkable individuals and highlighting their achievements.”

The programme looks to recognise and celebrate talented individuals, and encourage all entrepreneurs who have a vision that could transform our world, to apply. Nominations are now open for the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2021 UK programme.