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Fraud prevention

Important notices related to security and fraud issues

At Julius Baer, we are committed to ensuring the safety and security of financial and personal data and to combatting fraudulent activities and cybercrime. We would like to remind our clients and other stakeholders to be cautious when interacting via electronic means or relying on material information linked to Julius Baer, as our name and brand might be abused by unauthorised third parties for illegitimate or fraudulent activities. Such illegitimate or fraudulent activities may be conducted through different means such as fake websites, fabricated e-mails or references, or fake profiles on social media platforms, alleged business relationships with Julius Baer or faked confirmations, promises, and guarantees.

In addition, the financial industry in general is confronted with a broad range of crimes aimed at extracting personal and confidential data or financial gain. We therefore wish to keep you informed about the current situation and how you can protect yourself.