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The Swiss bank of reference for Latin America’s intermediaries

After joining Julius Baer at the beginning of 2020 as Head Intermediaries Americas, Alexandre Berger has a mandate to forge strong partnerships with the continent’s sophisticated intermediaries. He is differentiating the bank through high-quality service delivered across the full range of expertise.




Is there a trend towards consolidation through mergers in the region?
“Yes, especially in larger countries like Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, we see that trend of consolidation, of entrepreneurial spirit, of creating larger companies, higher levels of sophistication, as well as higher expectations from the bank they work with. However, it depends on the market. We also see some smaller markets where this is not happening.”

private banking, family office, Swiss bank

What is your strategy? Do you want to end up with fewer bigger clients who are true partners?
“Instead of bigger, I would say more sophisticated, because we are looking for long-term partnerships. We are not really interested in being treated as a commodity, just a platform. Some intermediaries work with US banks or US custodians, for example, and we note that they receive very basic services. So, this is not where we want to compete. We want to forge solid partnerships. We are promoting quality over quantity spanning the full range of our broad offering, even including guidance about risk management, legal and compliance issues. Using this approach, we want to build stronger partnerships with our intermediaries, creating a climate of trust, mutual understanding and excellence. In turn, this should enable them to strengthen their relationship with their clients and to attract new prospects.

“Just as our CEO says that we want to be the most reputable and admired brand in wealth management, I can say that our ambition in Intermediaries Americas is to be the Swiss bank of reference for Intermediaries in this continent".

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> Please contact us if you want to learn more about our services for intermediaries.

Key take-aways

  • Alexandre Berger foresees continuing opportunity for Latin America’s intermediaries to grow.
  • Intermediaries can access the full range of Julius Baer products, backed by the hallmark high-quality service.
  • Strategically, the bank aims to build true partnerships with the region’s most sophisticated intermediaries.

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