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Für den Insights Newsletter anmelden

Diversity Matters (Pride edition)

In this special Pride Edition episode, Pearlyn Wong, Head of Investment Promotion & Solutions Asia, Dame Inga Beale, former CEO of Lloyd’s of London and LGBTQ+ champion, and Dr Damien Ng, Research Analyst at Julius Baer have an open and thoughtful discussion about Diversity and Inclusion.




Pertinent questions will be answered such as: Why does D&I matter more than ever today? Do D&I investments lead to higher financial and shareholder returns? Is it measurable? Why is leadership so critical to success? Listen now to find out.

Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Pearlyn, Damien and Dame Inga’s conversation:

Beyond Markets Podcast Episode 19: Diversity matters


  • Download audio | MP3, 47 MB
  • Beyond Markets

    Beyond Markets by Julius Baer is a series featuring conversations with experts to share recent market developments, key insights, and strategic inputs from around the globe. In each episode, we cut through the noise to offer practical advice and macro research on today’s shifting economic and market landscape.

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