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True connections podcast: learning from the Frankenstein’s of entrepreneurship

In our latest edition of Julius Baer’s True Connections podcast, Calum Brewster, Managing Director at Julius Baer UK, speaks with Dr Matthew Grimes, Co-Director of Cambridge Judge Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre on why innovation should be coupled with humility and how entrepreneurship can bring about positive social change.




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Julius Baer True Connections Matthew Grimes


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  • How do we know that we have a healthy entrepreneurial system? Matthew suggests that the measures of success we’ve historically relied on make it difficult to truly determine the health of a business or industry. Therefore, the goalposts need to be moved every now and again to adapt the world around us. Importantly, we often overlook one of the most powerful effects that entrepreneurship has - its social and cultural impact.

    Social entrepreneurship aims to correct the perceived inefficiencies in the traditional charity sector and the perceived irresponsibility of the private sector. This is all well and good but sometimes innovations can take on a life of their own – beyond the initial positive intentions of their founders. Therefore, it’s important that entrepreneurs remind themselves of the purpose of the organisation before inadvertently creating their own version of Frankenstein’s monster.

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