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True connections podcast: “I’m probably more of an activist than a futurist.”

In our latest edition of Julius Baer’s True Connections podcast, Calum Brewster, Managing Director at Julius Baer UK, speaks with Alice Thwaite, Founder of the Echo Chamber Club, about ethics in business and how “we can be different and still get along.”




Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Calum and Alice’s conversation:

True Connections Podcast with Alice Thwaite


  • Download audio | MP3, 17 MB
  • Alice’s think tank, the Echo Chamber Club, looks at how to create healthy information environments in a world where information is more readily available than ever. This availability of information may seem beneficial on the face of things, opening the door to a variety of different viewpoints, but as Alice explains, issues can occur when the context is missed. A word or phrase may mean one thing to some people and something completely different to others. And it’s these groups of people with a “shared language or shared discourse” that form an ‘Echo Chamber’.

    These differences between Echo Chambers can be jarring. However, as Alice explains, mutual recognition is key to understanding different opinions, whereby we search for commonality rather than simply focusing on polarising differences. Importantly, there are 3 aspects to mutual recognition:

    1. Self-confidence in what you believe
    2. Respect of others beliefs and opinions
    3. Holding one another’s differences and specialities in esteem.

    It’s clear that this philosophy of mutual recognition has a lot to offer industries and while Alice’s work does seem to be future-gazing, her desire to make changes in society rather than predict changes means she’s “probably more of an activist than a futurist”.

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