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Reshaping an existing portfolio with a Lombard loan

You recently inherited an investment portfolio from your parents which you would like to use to make investments of your own. The portfolio’s performance is good and it is well-diversified. However, it’s too conservative for your risk profile. Also, you’d like to start making investments that have a positive impact on the environment, something that the current allocation doesn’t take into account.

So how can you use the existing portfolio to invest in a way that reflects your risk appetite and has a positive environmental impact? One option you’ve been considering is securing a Lombard loan using the portfolio as collateral. You could then take the money from the loan to make your own investments. This would also enable you to introduce greater diversification into your portfolio while at the same time leaving the overall investment strategy intact. A Lombard loan seems like an ideal solution, but it’s something you feel you should discuss with a seasoned expert.


Your relationship manager and our specialists at Julius Baer would be delighted to examine the options available to you to increase your financial flexibility and can help you determine which of these is best suited to your situation. Thanks to the flexibility of a Lombard loan, you can easily adapt your leverage at any roll-over date.

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