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Using your investments to help make the world a better place

Sustainable investing has been receiving a lot of press lately and the concept really speaks to you. Making sustainability part of how you invest is therefore something you want to do. Because this is still unfamiliar territory, you have done lots of research on the internet to learn more and talked to friends who are already investing this way. 

What you have learned has reinforced your belief that you can, in fact, contribute to a better world through your investments. But there are so many options out there that it’s difficult to know where to start. Sustainable funds, green bonds, values-based investing, impact investing…the possibilities seem endless, and you’re not sure which approach is best suited to your specific situation. 
Not only that, you’re concerned about greenwashing, and potentially investing in companies or vehicles that say they are more sustainable than they really are in order to attract investors. So how can you make sure that your investments will truly have the impact you are targeting, and that they align with your values? 


At Julius Baer, we empower you to make your investments matter. Our experts will help you formulate your sustainability goals and support you in determining how best to implement them. We screen all of our investment recommendations according to environmental, social, and governance criteria and challenge sustainability ratings prior to making such recommendations to ensure that your sustainable investments have the greatest possible positive impact.

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