Secular Outlook 2018 - 2022

Every decade is characterised by a different economic and investment environment. The outperformers of the previous decade are unlikely to stay at the top of the performance league tables in the next decade. Julius Baer adopts a forward-looking investment approach, structuring its asset allocation to capture returns resulting from secular trends.

At Julius Baer, we strategically position our clients’ portfolios according to secular trends. As we believe that mean reversion may not happen within a useful time frame, our Secular Outlook provides useful guidance when combining the risk-return expectations of asset classes into a meaningful portfolio.



In our annual Secular Outlook process, we identify key macroeconomic and capital market trends, as well as key risk factors for the next five years.



Secular Outlook 2018 – 2022

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CIO Monthly Podcast

Yves Bonzon, Julius Baer’s Chief Investment Officer and Head Investment Management, shares his latest views on the financial markets. The CIO Monthly podcasts are published on a monthly basis and cover a wide variety of topics in the ever-changing markets.


CIO Monthly: No signs of a recession in the foreseeable future

Despite rising US interest rates and fears of a trade war triggered by Donald Trump, Chief Investment Officer Yves Bonzon does not see the need for a radical shift in the asset allocation. Nevertheless, investors should improve the liquidity profile of their portfolio and marginally reduce equities.

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