Julius Baer: A bank you can rely on

Trust lies at the foundation of every good partnership. In the 1890s, when Julius Baer founded the Bank by his own name, he said: “If contact between people is based on trust and absolute integrity, then it is of benefit for both sides.” Now, 125 years later, the name Julius Baer remains synonymous with trust and absolute integrity. Today, Julius Baer’s philosophy is continually reflected by serving clients with the highest standards of quality and expertise in the field of private banking. 

In choosing Julius Baer as your wealth management partner, you can rely upon the same core principles from which Julius Baer was founded. You will be at the centre of every business decision, and your wealth will be managed with the upmost dedication and expertise. This is what makes Julius Baer the leading Swiss private banking group in Switzerland today.  

Julius Baer in Germany 

Here in Germany, Bank Julius Bär Deutschland AG offers you all of the investment products and financial services provided by the Julius Baer Group, as long as they are within the scope of legal provisions.

Bank Julius Bär Deutschland AG, headquartered in Frankfurt/Main, is a 100% subsidiary of the Julius Baer Group AG in Zurich. The Bank possesses a full banking license for Germany and is supervised by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). You may find further information at www.bafin.de.

Bank Julius Bär Deutschland AG is affiliated with the Deposit Insurance Fund of the Association of German Banks. Information as to the scope of client deposits protected by the Deposit Insurance Fund may be found in our General Terms and Conditions. Bank Julius Bär works together with tied agents based in Germany. When appropriate, the Bank gives contributions to the respective tied agents.


Next to Switzerland, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Monaco, Singapore, and the Bahamas, Germany is one of the seven booking centres of the Julius Baer Group. The primary languages used in our contractual relationships are German and English.

Our communication with you is mostly through personal communication but also by telephone, e-mail, fax, and regular mail. When you entrust us with the management of your assets, we report to you according to the contractually agreed upon parameters and pursuant to the regulatory and legal requirements.

Establishing a relationship for the long-term

One of the main reasons that Julius Baer can look back upon its history with such pride comes from the satisfaction of clients who have put their trust in Julius Baer throughout all of these years. Julius Baer has accompanied many families over generations, and when you establish a new relationship with Julius Baer, it is our intention to also build a lasting relationship with you through the long-term. 

Offering a wide range of financial services and investment advice

Private banking is a dynamic process, as your circumstances and needs can change over time. Through established expertise, networks, tools and solutions, Julius Baer is able to provide you with sound advice and an array of wealth management options to manage your wealth. 

Through personal contact, Julius Baer experts aim to understand your individual financial situation as well as your personal and financial goals. This way, our expert knowledge and expertise support you towards meeting your specific requirements. We will always handle your wealth with great foresight and care. 

In addition, Julius Baer is committed to keeping you informed on the latest events in the financial markets. Julius Baer’s research team provides sound advice and solutions that enable you to profit from both short- and long-term opportunities, maintain a focused strategy, as well as react quickly to changing events so that you can build and protect your wealth. 

Welcome to Julius Baer's world of private banking. We look forward to serving you.