Julius Baer’s new advertising campaign is no ordinary image campaign. It addresses some of the major challenges facing the world today and will take you on a journey that engages deeply with these complex issues.

Embracing the Future by Marc Forster

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The ‘Visionary Thinking’ campaign is a key aspect of our approach to helping you, our clients, increase your awareness of the challenges of tomorrow. The motifs examine the trends that are changing the world and sheds light on how we can translate them into comprehensive investment solutions for you in line with our ‘Next Generation initiative’. 

Addressing megatrends

From sustainability to shifting lifestyles and growing urbanisation, the campaign addresses each of these megatrends in turn, bringing in expertise from within Julius Baer as well as thought leadership from across its wide network of partners.

The core idea came straight from Boris F.J. Collardi, CEO of Julius Baer. “For me, it was essential to have a campaign that embodies our whole strategic approach,” he explains. “The financial crisis of 2008, the euro crisis, ongoing political problems around the world – all these things have left people feeling insecure. Every day, our clients come to us with concerns about where the world is headed. I want to demonstrate that we know what is going on today and that we can translate this knowledge into comprehensive, sustainable investment solutions.”

Inspiring thoughts

From our new commercial to our varied print ads, you will be exposed to powerful and provocative images and thought provoking questions. We hope these inspire you. Many of the answers can be found on our website.

Hollywood film director Marc Forster, who acted as creative advisor, has made the TV commercial that captures the ‘Visionary Thinking’ spirit of the campaign in a very emotional way. His concept for the commercial stemmed from Julius Baer's own aspiration to always look forward and to have a clear vision for the future. “In a nutshell, the message of the commercial is that Julius Baer is a pioneer that is ready to be at your side and partner with you to explore new frontiers,” explains Forster. “The commercial is a metaphorical journey of what it means to go through life and the challenges one faces financially and creatively.”

A tradition of visionary thinking

A unique approach to advertising stems from those characteristics of Julius Baer that set it apart from the rest of the field, combining the depth and breadth of expertise of an international financial institution with the personal long-term relationships one expects of a private wealth management company. Julius Baer can look back on a proud tradition of visionary thinking – its success has always been built on looking ahead and anticipating the future for the benefit of its clients.