While we do not know what tomorrow’s world will look like, we can identify long-term trends that we believe will shape the world of tomorrow. These megatrends affect every aspect of our lives. They cause structural changes in our society, influencing consumers and companies alike.

At Julius Baer, our Next Generation experts identify these megatrends and turn them into tangible investment themes that you can invest in today.

Our seven investment themes:

In order to feed the world post-2050, farm production will have to almost double. Urbanisation is increas­ingly encroaching on farmland and competing for water, meaning that to ensure sustainable production, it will be necessary to overcome natural resource constraints and the adverse impacts of climate change, while ensuring availability and affordability. Learn more

How to invest in megatrends

Watch our video to learn how thematic investing can be used to future-proof your investment portfolio. We also explain how we identify attractive investments within a specific theme and explore some of the pitfalls to avoid when pursuing this type of investment approach. 

Next Generation: A thematic investment approach

Thematic investing is characterised by a focus on long-term trends and long-term winners, thus providing valuable diversification benefits to traditionally built portfolios. Our Next Generation investment philosophy is backed by thought-leading research, as we have built up extensive experience in thematic investing during the past decade. We single out structural growth stories and see through the hype that comes with some of these themes, offering you investment solutions with a clear focus on thematic purity.

Our Next Generation philosophy is built on the following three pillars:

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