Flexible options covering all of your financing needs

Investing in property involves both emotional and rational decision-making, as well as the handling of complex matters. With Julius Baer’s real estate experts, you can rely upon detailed, professional consultation and a comprehensive service offering covering your entire mortgage financing needs.

Real estate expertise and financing at Julius Baer

Our experts provide advisory services, analysis and mortgage financing expertise on the purchase and sale of properties in Switzerland and in other select, high-end areas.

Julius Baer mortgage services at a glance

  • Individual credit advice
    Our mortgage experts offer individual credit advice covering your level of risk tolerance and capacity, insurance questions as well as the handling of formalities surrounding the purchase of a property.
  • Review of existing financing structures
    Our experienced specialists can support you in optimising your financing structures by reviewing your current financing set-up, even with third-party banks, and providing suggestions for improvements.
  • Property appraisals
    Our specialists provide recommendations and solutions covering property appraisals. This way, you can ensure that the price of a real estate given is justified, and just how worthwhile an investment in a renovation would be. Our network also provides the possibility to consult experts or obtain third-party opinions at any time.
  • Negotiation assistance
    In order to create the best conditions for successful purchase and sales negotiations, we are able to provide you with an analysis of current price and market developments in the real estate market, as well as a realistic valuation for the property being purchased or sold.
  • Tax issue support
    Our comprehensive financing proposals take into account your assets, income, tax situation and financial planning. You will receive an accurate calculation of interest, amortisation and living costs, so that you can see the effects that financing will have on your tax burden. If your situation is complex, internal experts may be consulted to clarify certain details. In addition, you will receive tax optimisation solutions, including indirect amortisation via Pillar 3a (for Switzerland).
  • Assistance with legal questions
    Our network of internal and external experts can conduct plausibility checks on purchase and sales agreements, as well as provide support and advice for legal issues covering the sale and purchase of real estate.

Further information

Are you interested in learning more about real estate financing at Julius Baer? Your Julius Baer relationship manager would be delighted to provide you with more detailed information.