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Making my first foray into real estate investing

Making my first foray into real estate investing

My investments are performing well and my business is growing, so I’d say that financially, things are generally going smoothly. That’s probably why lately, I’ve been thinking about branching out into some new asset classes to further diversify my portfolio, and moving a bit outside my comfort zone. Real estate is one type of investment that keeps coming to mind.

I’ve never bought property as an investment though, and I’m not quite sure where to start. Do I want to buy office space or residential property? How do I get access to really exceptional real estate, which is often sold privately? Who do I contact to get a valuation done? What about financing, and who would handle the negotiations for the leases? I feel like I’m a bit out of my league here. I’m going to need support from someone who understands the big picture. Someone who can help me through this process step by step, and ideally, cover all of my needs so that I don’t have to deal with too many different parties.


The real estate team at Julius Baer has extensive experience in helping our clients invest successfully in this asset class. In Switzerland, we offer the entire direct real estate value chain of services, which includes but is not limited to, brokerage services and real estate advisory, as well as mortgages and wealth planning advice. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or to build an investment real estate portfolio, we can help you every step of the way.

The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.

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