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Securities execution & advisory

Trade across all markets

Gain access to the world’s leading financial markets and discuss them with our experts. Julius Baer’s securities trading services and product shelf encompasses equities, bonds, investment funds, derivatives, structured products, initial public offerings (IPO) and secondary placements – all available to you via your relationship manager or a direct line to the trading floor.

Our services – a selection

Best price execution and fast processing are paramount when participating in the global financial markets. Julius Baer’s securities execution & advisory experts provide you with a broad spectrum of debt and equity trading services, such as

  • equities advisory: Access the world’s leading equity markets with a focus on short-term trading. We also service hedge funds, banks, as well as corporate and institutional clients.
  • equities & structured products execution: Trade cash, equities, and exchange traded products through our global network of brokers and liquidity providers. Structured products may be derived from our ‘open access’ third party providers and market makers or are constructed in-house.
  • exchange traded derivatives (ETD): Participate in the world’s leading derivatives exchanges and receive constantly updated product, price, and liquidity information.
  • fixed income advisory & execution: Benefit from enhanced execution capacity thanks to Julius Baer’s broad network of counterparties, institutional clients, and connectivity to multiple trading venues. Are you a Direct Access or institutional client? If so, our advisory specialists look forward to offering you trade and switch ideas, new issue comments, market updates, and investment publications.
  • Funds secondary trading & execution: Trade funds at net asset value on the primary market. Alternatively, our specialists may execute your transaction at continuously updated, market-based prices on the secondary market.

The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.

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