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Executing a succession plan in my lifetime

Why should your children have to wait to receive their inheritance if you are in a position to give them a significant portion of it now? You and your spouse have more than enough money for retirement and would like to see your children and grandchildren enjoy life and make the most of the wealth you have created over the years. But there are a lot of questions you ask yourself: who gets the holiday house? Who gets the family home? Should your children who have children of their own receive a larger inheritance? And can a special solution be found for your child who has a less stable income?


Julius Baer, together with a network of external specialists, can help you navigate through the many questions that can arise when considering a succession plan to be executed during your lifetime. We take the time to clearly understand your personal and financial situation, develop a strategy with you and then support you in all aspects of its implementation.

The products and services offered depend on the domicile of the client and the legal entity of Julius Baer.