The Asian wealth management landscape

Asia is Julius Baer’s second home market and a powerhouse of global wealth creation. The region’s pool of investable assets held by High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) could reach USD 14.5 trillion by 2020, representing growth of 160% in the current decade. As a client of Julius Baer, you can benefit from Julius Baer’s specialised focus on Asia through the annual Wealth Report.

This year's Julius Baer Wealth Report: Asia

In addition to the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index, which was launched in 2011 to track the cost of goods and services for HNWI in 11 Asian cities, this year’s report includes forecasts for HNWI wealth creation trends in ten Asian markets for the next five years. Despite its maturing economy, China’s HNWI wealth is expected to increase to USD 8,249.6 billion in 2020, trebling the 2010 figure and making it one of the biggest wealth creation engines in the region. The Philippines and India are also ranked in the top three countries in terms of HNWI wealth creation.

This year’s report features dedicated sections on India and Japan. A positive outlook for HNWI wealth is projected in India in the coming years, in contrast to the relative stagnation in HNWI wealth between 2011 and 2013. Therefore, the region remains a promising and attractive prospect for wealth management institutions over the next half decade, if not longer.

Living in luxury in Asia: The Julius Baer Lifestyle Index

The Julius Baer Lifestyle Index 2015 compares 20 goods and services across 11 Asian cities, covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai, Taipei, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Tokyo. Shanghai is the most expensive city overall in the 2015 study, topping the tables not only for services and goods, but also for the category as a whole. Hong Kong and Singapore take second and third place respectively overall.

Further Information

You are invited to explore the fifth instalment of Julius Baer’s signature research on wealth trends across Asia with the 2015 edition. Your relationship manager will be delighted to provide you with your personal copy (available in English) as well as support when it comes to allocating wealth to this region (subject to local regulatory requirements).