Are you interested in understanding the global megatrends shaping our world today? Are you interested in learning about the companies poised to benefit from these structural growth trends? Do you want to learn more about winning companies addressing secular issues such as technological innovation, an ageing population, or feeding the world? If so, then consider Next Generation investing at Julius Baer. 

What is Next Generation Investing?

At its core, the Next Generation investment philosophy at Julius Baer is a thematic investing approach with a focus on long-term structural growth. The objective is to seek out sustainable growth opportunities by identifying companies with a competitive advantage within structurally-growing markets, and thus harness megatrends to deliver superior investment returns.

Next Generation investing at Julius Baer

Our Next Generation investment philosophy provides you with products, services, publications, and information channels that place you at the leading edge of investment culture. You will gain access to investment opportunities that grant exposure to the winning companies benefitting from structural trends. We believe Next Generation investing is best conducted within a portfolio context, and this is embedded in our investment philosophy and process. We combine a top-down (industry and segment) and bottom-up (company analysis & valuation) approach to determine the growing industries and winning companies of the future, and equally focus on diversification and risk management. The scope for investment is broad and can take the form of investment products, mandates, and single stock recommendations.

Themes covered by Next Generation

Next Generation tracks shifts in consumer spending and capital expenditure in order to identify structural growth areas, mapping its research to five key investment themes: