The Julius Baer Foundation supports organisations benefitting children, youths and young adults. Donations are given with special focus placed on international health, education and nutrition:


  • China’s Forgotten Orphans in China
    Building a children’s playground in China that takes disabled children into account.
  • Elea Foundation – Bago Sphere in Philippines
    Provision of tailor-made call center professional training to underprivileged youth in order to allow them to take up a job in the fast-growing call center industry.
  • Elea Foundation - Dharma Life in India
    Giving access to rural households in India to products sold at a socially affordable price by creating a rural distribution network.
  • Scintillae Foundation in Burma, Myanmar
    Equips schools in Burma with the necessary infrastructure.
  • SITECO in Indonesia
    Developing a campus for technical vocational education in mechatronics and polymechanics following the dual educational model.
  • Smiling Gecko in Cambodia
    Offering vocational training in a new built textile factory.


  • AoZ – Future Kids in Switzerland
    Complementary coaching of immigrant children in Switzerland to foster their integration in primary schools.
  • FIM Football is more in Switzerland
    Support of a Football Camp for inclusion of handicapped children.
  • LIFT Youth Project in Switzerland
    Integration project to help young people in Switzerland to find a vocational training and enter their professional life.
  • MATAdrasi in Greece
    Providing transit accommodation facilities for unaccompanied minor refugees in order to prevent violence during their transit phase and facilitate their stay
  • SOLIDAR SUISSE in Kosovo
    Helping young people in Kosovo to enter in their professional life building more focused education systems in the field with the best job opportunities (like tourism). 
  • SOS Children’s Village in Russia
    Accompany disadvantaged teenagers in their education and help them to enter professional life


  • Elea Foundation – Mad’Eole in Madagascar
    Investing in a renewable energy project in Madagascar, to provide wind energy in rural areas.
  • Elea Foundation - Mom& Pop Shop Project in Kenya
    Imparting business knowledge to ensure the survival of traditional neighborhood shops
  • Ethiopian Enterprises in Ethiopia
    Construction of a learning centre and a library connected to a school
  • Help2kids in Tanzania
    Providing school education in Tanzania, Africa in English and Information Technology, as well as a hot meal.
  • in South Africa
    Offering mountain bike loving children support on their homework and giving them access to a library, in South Africa.
  • Xhuma in South Africa
    Fostering a saving mentality for education ensuring lasting behavioral change, in South Africa.


  • Mission Bambini, Ciudas de los Niños in Bolivia 
    Taking care of the educational and formative needs of vulnerable and orphan children.
  • SWISSAID in Nicaragua
    Empowering youths in Nicaragua through a training course to strengthen agricultural skills.