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Financial Expertise

Finance Talk: China under pressure

Financial Expertise

Finance Talk: China under pressure

The emerging markets are back in the investors' focus, especially China with a weakening Yuan and stocks selling off. In this interview, Carsten Menke, Commodity Analyst, gives us insights with regards to why China is currently under pressure, how this also impacts industrial metal prices and whether there are new investment opportunities following the presidential elections in Mexico.

Key takeaways from the interview:

Mexico: “Looking at the agenda of President-elect Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, there could be positive surprises for the markets. Therefore, the recent weakness in Mexican assets is overdone and we see some buying opportunities.”

China: “There is no credit crisis in China nor do we expect a hard landing. It's just a cyclical slowdown.”

Emerging markets: “In the short term, the challenging environment for emerging markets equities will persist. But in the medium to longer term, emerging market equities are still cheap.”

Industrial metals: “Our medium to longer term outlook is not that bright, as industrial metals are very exposed to China’s declining ‘old economy’.”

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