The Julius Baer Graduate Programme lasts eighteen months and comprises three six-month assignments. In addition to practical work, the programme includes focused training sessions on technical and social competencies. You will learn about our company’s value proposition and gain detailed knowledge of our banking business.

Julius Baer offers four graduate functions in front or back office positions (Private Banking, Advisory Solutions & Investment Management, Business Management or Information Technology). This enables you to gain sound theoretical and practical knowledge in the area that best matches your career objectives and preferences. For six of the eighteen months, you will have the opportunity to undertake a placement in one of our offices abroad.

The aim of our Graduate Programme is to put you in an excellent position for a future career with Julius Baer.

Private Banking

You will be collaborating closely with a team of relationship managers in the areas of client acquisition and retention. You will spend six of the eighteen month in an interface area (Trading, Advisory Solutions or Investment Management) to acquire in-depth knowledge of our products and processes. You will also get a solid understanding of the role of a relationship manager and its success factors. The programme includes the option of a six-month training module in a foreign office to help you to develop a cultural understanding of international client needs.

Business Management

You will be working within the business management teams of two different corporate functions, or the front area. This cross-functional approach will help you to understand the entire value chain of Julius Baer. During the programme, your main responsibilities will be controlling, data analysis, creating reports and management presentations, project work and process improvements – always in close collaboration with management. The programme includes the option of a six-month training module in a foreign office to further support you in becoming a professional, cross-border-acting business manager.

Investment Specialist

You will be working in both our Trading department and in our Advisory Solutions or Investment Management departments. You will gain in-depth knowledge of our product range, with a special focus on marketing, distribution and sales. In the second assignment, research activities or portfolio management will be part of your day-to-day responsibilities. The programme includes the option of a six-month training module in a foreign office to give you access to colleagues abroad and let you experience an international working environment.

Information Technology

You will be responsible for the specification, design, development, implementation and maintenance of systems and software solutions. Your first assignment in this innovative environment will take place within IT Engineering, where you will acquire the know-how essential for your work in the second unit, Application Development (front or back office applications). The programme includes the option of a six-month training module in a foreign office to deepen your project know-how and gain international working experience.

What you can expect

Career paths within our Julius Baer Graduate Programme are diverse. Each route taken by our graduates is unique. Your development is key to us. Let's shape your financial future together. As a participant in the Julius Baer Graduate Programme, you can expect the following:

  • Responsibility:  benefit from working in a responsible position from day one
  • Learning by doing: broaden your skills and knowledge in your daily work, projects and training sessions
  • Global perspective: be part of a global organisation and attain understanding regarding Julius Baer’s strategy, business capabilities and core values

  • Mentoring: be teamed up with a mentor, benefit from being supported throughout the whole intensive programme
  • Networking: strengthen your interpersonal skills and build up a network across the company
  • Working abroad: take the opportunity to work abroad and extend your mind-set and network

Julius Baer Graduate Programme

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