Candidate profile


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

With Julius Baer since: October 2013

Business division (s) at Julius Baer I worked in:

  • Portfolio Management, Switzerland
  • Structured Products Advisory, Switzerland
  • Markets, Singapore

> Why did you apply for the Julius Baer Graduate Programme?

Julius Baer is an established brand within the Swiss banking industry and therefore an employer of choice. The smaller size and the greater focus on emerging markets compared to other Swiss banks promised great opportunities. The Julius Baer Graduate Programme offered the most interesting combination of departments, and the possibility of experiencing banking abroad was a big plus.

> What do you like best about your function?

The Julius Baer Graduate Programme allowed me to focus on the areas I like most in banking, giving me the opportunity to explore the options available to me on completion of the programme. As a result of my rotations during the Julius Baer Graduate Programme, which included Foreign Exchange in Asia, I became familiar with nearly all asset classes and was able to add a great deal of expertise to my equity-focused studies at university. The cross-departmental experience helped me to build a network that I can draw upon later in my career.

> What is important to you in your future career?

The Julius Baer Graduate Programme laid the foundation for the continual development I will strive to achieve in the future. The prospect of working abroad and the opportunity to further grow my network within Julius Baer are also important to me.

Further information

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