Five thoughts on strong collaboration

Julius Baer has recently created a new unit for its Intermediaries business, which many of you are in touch with on a daily basis. In his first editorial, Philipp Rickenbacher, the new Head of Intermediaries & Global Custody, shares five wishes on collaborating with you.

The Intermediaries & Global Custody unit of Julius Baer serves as a partner to external asset managers and financial advisers. Experienced professionals in fourteen locations worldwide collaborate closely in order to achieve your prime objective: successfully conducting your business.

A new start
Since January 2019, Philipp Rickenbacher heads the new Intermediaries & Global Custody unit. In his previous roles, Philipp held various management positions in the trading and advisory section of Bank Julius Baer and GAM. From 1997 to 2004, he worked at McKinsey & Company in Zurich and London. If you ever meet Philipp and feel like changing the subject of your conversation, how about discussing gene technology with him? Besides being a graduate from Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program and the Swiss Finance Institute, he also holds a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology from ETH Zurich.

Pleased to meet you
As the new Head of Intermediaries & Global custody, Philipp Rickenbacher would like to share five thoughts on collaboration with you.


  1. be proud to have you as our clients
    Philipp Rickenbacher: “From what I have seen so far, we have an incredibly strong client and business base in the area of external asset managers and financial advisers. My initial meetings show me that we are dealing with excellent professionals, who are among the leaders in their field. It is a pleasure to collaborate with such an exceptional network.”
  2. get to know each other better
    “One of the first and most important tasks I have set myself in my new role, is to get to know as many of our clients as possible. What are your values, success stories and challenges? I am curious to learn more about your views and businesses.”
  3. be entrepreneurial, transparent and accountable
    “Entrepreneurial qualities are very important to me, as is transparency and accountability. I strongly believe in a team approach and will champion these characteristics throughout all our divisions. Our objective must be to create value together with you – and to jointly manage risks.”  
  4. leverage our new organisation to make you run your business better
    “I fully acknowledge you as entrepreneurs and aim at improving the lifecycle of your businesses with our ‘Business Navigator’. In essence, we analyse your business strategy, offering, investment performance, unique expertise, technology and risk management to ultimately help you run your businesses better.”
  5. master challenges together
    “Regulatory requirements, digitisation, financial shocks. The competitive environment changes rapidly. Let’s jointly look out for possible stumbling blocks, develop solutions and exchange best practices. An international team in 14 locations is here to help you.” 

I look forward to collaborating with you.
Philipp Rickenbacher


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