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Julius Baer has been in close contact with 1,500 intermediaries for 35 years. These many years of experience in cooperation with intermediaries have shown that most clients focus exclusively on the provision of first-class wealth management services. This is certainly not surprising because it is also the core task of every intermediary.

The competitive environment changes quickly, however, and intermediaries are subject to various external influences. In particular, stricter regulatory requirements and digitisation influence their business models. At the same time, the financial sector has been subjected to various shocks over the last ten years: the financial crisis of 2007/2008, the ongoing issue of debt in the euro area and the introduction of negative interest rates have resulted in high competitive pressure. In parallel to this, technological innovations are changing our society and economy in a lasting manner.

These developments show that intermediaries can now no longer focus on pure wealth management alone. As entrepreneurs, they must address numerous additional issues in order to make the right strategic decisions in time and set the course for the future. This is the only way they can ensure the survival of their enterprise in the long term and protect the total assets of their clients. Our experience has shown that many intermediaries cannot keep up with these developments; at least, this has been the case in the past. Julius Baer has dedicated itself to the intermediary sector and is thus the first bank to develop the Business Navigator approach.

Claudio Cacace: "The Business Navigator is targeted towards intermediaries in their function as entrepreneurs and supports them during their strategic decision-making processes."

Two strategic objectives stand at the heart of this approach: earning sustainable revenue and managing costs optimally. In this approach, every strategic goal is examined according to three specific sub-dimensions, such as business strategy, technology and risk management. After a thorough analysis driven by Julius Baer’s expertise, clients are presented with corresponding development measures.

With the Business Navigator, Julius Baer offers its intermediaries support so they can navigate challenges and prepare themselves for pending changes in an appropriate and efficient manner.

The current issue of ‘Intermediaries Inside’ examines the topic of technology. There is an overwhelming consensus that the proper use of technology can not only make a significant contribution to optimising costs (caused by a new regulation, for instance), but can also offer competitive advantages.

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