Visionary Thinking is synonymous with Julius Baer. It is our strategy for maintaining a long-term outlook, along with our culture of being prepared for and of embracing change. Visionary thinking enables Julius Baer to stay ahead of the curve. We are always looking to expand our knowledge base to aid our understanding of the forces changing our world. In doing so, we can anticipate potential obstacles and be prepared with a useful position and response to aid our business and our clients in the future.

Visionary Thinking is what enables us to ask the big questions relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s investors. One way we do this is through our Next Generation investment initiative, which looks beyond short-term fads in financial markets and holistically examines prospective trends that may have far-reaching implications. This initiative helps you balance your financial goals with your aspirations to preserve wealth and well-being for the next generation. At our Next Generation Summits, we bring thought leaders together who exchange views on the global megatrends shaping our world today and in the future.

Our 'Visionary Thinking' advertising campaign underscores our approach to helping you increase your awareness of the trends that are changing the world. We translate them into comprehensive investment solutions for you.

Our partnership with the FIA Formula E Championship, which was initiated in 2014, is another fitting example of our efforts to support trends important for future generations. Formula E, the fully electric racing series, serves as a framework for research and development around the electric vehicle.

At Julius Baer, we dare to ask the big questions, and we have the answers relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s investors.

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