Get in early on the trading

Would you like to react to developments in the international markets or the latest corporate figures before official trading starts on the Swiss stock exchange? Then Julius Baer’s morning, pre-market trading solution may be just for you.

Daily tradable prices for SMI and SMIMs

Through its pre-market platform, Julius Baer provides daily tradable prices for SMI stocks and selected Swiss Mid Caps (SMIMs) from 8 a.m. - 8.45 a.m., before official trading opens on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange.

Who are pre-market quotes for?

This unique service is aimed at institutional and private investors alike, and is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. The Bloomberg/Reuters code for this service is JBPRE.

Where can I find pre-market quotes?

Pre-market prices can be found on the pre-market platform’s website (see link on the right-hand side).

Note that the Julius Baer Trading Desk handles pre-market trading for institutional investors. Private investors are asked to contact their respective banks or Julius Baer relationship manager for more information.