Julius Baer, a leading Swiss issuer of Structured Products, offers independent asset managers, independent financial advisors, banks and institutional clients exceptional flexibility and services in designing, implementing and managing Structured Products and OTC solutions. Our expertise spans a broad array of underlyings, including equities, interest rates, FX and fund strategies, and covers a comprehensive range of structures. Issued out of Zurich or our Guernsey branch, Julius Baer Structured Products benefit from the strength of our balance sheet (Moody’s Issuer Rating A2) and the long-term client orientation that the Julius Baer brand entails.

Partner for Structured Products with Julius Baer…

  • A long-standing partner for derivatives in Switzerland, with broad public market presence
  • The leading Delta-1 and Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) house in Switzerland, with outstanding flexibility and innovation
  • One of the leading equity yield enhancement and equity warrants issuers at the SIX Structured Products Exchange AG
  • The provider of the Swiss equities pre-market on all SMI titles and selected mid-caps
  • A company with a global footprint and ability to structure and trade Structured Products out of Asia
  • A specialist for institutional fund derivatives solutions
  • A Eurex market maker in listed options.

Providing you with a comprehensive offering

Julius Baer offers independent asset managers and independent financial advisors, whether or not having Julius Baer as their custodian, as well as banks and institutional clients tailored Structured Product solutions. Whether you are interested in specific products, such as fund-based solutions, a tailored structured product or OTC options on FX, or you just seek for competence in developing products regarding your specific needs, Julius Baer’s Structured Products specialists will assist you.

Derivative Toolbox

The Julius Baer Derivative Toolbox allows real-time simulation, pricing and trading of a broad range of Julius Baer Structured Products, having equities, indices and FX as underlyings. The platform is already in use with institutional clients and independent asset managers in selected countries since 2014.

Increasing skill and transparency

Julius Baer continuously invests in skill building and increasing transparency regarding Structured Products. As a member of the Swiss Structured Products Association, it also contributes to the overall development of the Swiss Structured Products market.

Structured Products involve derivatives. Do not invest in them unless you fully understand and are willing to assume the risks associated with them. If you are in any doubt about the risks involved in the product, you may clarify with the intermediary or seek independent professional advice.

Qualifying criteria and restrictions may apply for certain products and services and may not be offered in certain locations. Please approach a Julius Baer relationship manager for further information.

Structured products are complex financial instruments, may therefore involve a high degree of risks and are intended for use only by qualified investors who are capable of understanding and assuming the risks involved. Please refer to the risks disclosures prior to entering into such transactions.

Further Information

Are you interested in learning more about Structured Products at Julius Baer? Your dedicated Relationship Manager or the Julius Baer Structured Products Team would be delighted to provide you with additional information. Please also consult our website for an overview of our existing products, instruments in subscription and real-time quotes.


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