Conscious management of Julius Baer’s environmental footprint is a fundamental part of our corporate sustainability framework. On top of environmental and social benefits, reducing our operational footprint will increase our efficiency and lead to cost savings. In 2015, we defined several concrete goals to optimise the efficiency of our infrastructure and to operate an environmentally conscious corporate culture by 2020.

We are also working towards meeting the concrete goals we set for 2015-2020 to proactively reduce our ecological footprint, including measures to


  • Reduce total consumption by 10%
  • Purchase 100% of electricity from renewable sources (wherever possible)


  • Reduce total consumption by 5%

Waste, recycling and cleaning:

  • Establish and implement a comprehensive waste management and recycling concept; based on that, set up the respective waste management and cleaning guidelines

Julius Baer is a member of the Swiss Climate Foundation, which directly helps to fund ecological efficiency and innovation projects led by small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As part of its membership, Julius Baer donates a considerable portion of the net gains received from the redistributed CO2 levies to the foundation.