Board of Directors of Julius Baer Group Ltd. and Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategy and its implementation, and for delivering shareholder value.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, the members of the Compensation Committee and the other members of the Board of Directors are elected on an individual basis at the Annual General Meeting. Each member, whether newly-elected or re-elected, serves a one-year term.

All members of the Board of Directors are non-executive members.

Board members

  • Charles G.T. Stonehill, Vice Chairman
  • Various directorships, and Founding Partner of Green & Blue Advisors, New York
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  • Richard M. Campbell-Breeden
  • Chairman of the Board of Arq Limited, and Founder Omershorn Capital Advisors, London
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  • Claire Giraut
  • Corporate Vice President Purchasing and Information Systems, and Chief Financial Officer, bioMérieux, Marcy l’Etoile, France
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  • Gareth Penny
  • Edcon Holdings Limited, Johannesburg, Pangolin Diamonds Corp., Toronto, and Norilsk Nickel, Moscow
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Honorary Chairman

Committees of the Board of Directors

Changes to the Board’s Committees effective 1 January 2018

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA has revised its corporate governance requirements for banks in a new circular 2017/1 entitled Corporate governance – banks. The altered supervisory requirements relating to corporate governance, internal control systems and risk management for banks entered into force on 1 July 2017 and must be implemented within one year following this date. Julius Baer has started to implement the revised corporate governance requirements on 1 January 2018 already.

Among other things, the circular requires the consolidation of risk-related topics into one dedicated committee. This has led to a shift of risk-related responsibilities from the Audit Committee to the newly named Governance and Risk Committee (formerly Chairman’s & Risk Committee) valid from the beginning of the financial year 2018. The composition of both committees has remained unchanged but might be subject to changes following the Annual General Meeting 2018. The Charters of the two committees have been amended accordingly effective 1 January 2018 to reflect the committees’ new responsibilities. Further details of these changes will be provided in the Group’s Annual Report 2018.

Governance and Risk Committee (formerly Chairman’s & Risk Committee) 

    Daniel J. Sauter (chairperson)
    Andreas Amschwand
    Ivo Furrer
    Charles G.T. Stonehill

Audit Committee

    Heinrich Baumann (chairperson)
    Paul Man Yiu Chow
    Claire Giraut
    Charles G.T. Stonehill

Compensation Committee

    Gareth Penny (chairperson)
    Gilbert Achermann
    Ann Almeida 
    Heinrich Baumann

Nomination Committee

    Charles G.T. Stonehill (chairperson)
    Gilbert Achermann
    Ann Almeida
    Claire Giraut
    Daniel J. Sauter