The Julius Baer Foundation, a foundation under Swiss law, is domiciled in Zurich. It has close ties with Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd., which provides it with significant financial support as well as administrative assistance and staff. The Julius Baer Foundation is monitored by the Office for Occupational Benefit Plans and Foundations of the Canton of Zurich.

In view of the diverse aspects of its mission, the Julius Baer Foundation operates autonomously. It is governed by a seven-member Board which meets four times a year and consists of both senior executives of Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. and externals. The Board sets the policies and strategic focus of the foundation, and approves policies related to governance. The Board also determines the foundation’s investment policy, covering risk assessment, monitoring, and evaluation mechanisms. Operational leadership of the foundation is the responsibility of the General Manager and his team. The Julius Baer Foundation also evaluates and coordinates suitable projects in Switzerland and abroad that are fully or partially funded by client donations. Such projects are subject to the same selection and due diligence criteria as those applied to the foundation’s other projects. 

Julius Baer Foundation Board

Dr Thomas R. Meier, Chairman
Boris F.J. Collardi, Vice-Chairman
Dieter Enkelmann, Member
Gian A. Rossi, Member
Dr Jan A. Bielinski, Member
Dr Wolfgang Humbert-Droz, Member
Andreas Weinberg, Member


Christoph Schmocker, General Manager