Julius Baer is committed to making a difference to the lives of those living in places where even the most basic provisions are lacking. With the Julius Baer Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Julius Baer, we are able to make a greater contribution to the wider community and give back in a meaningful, focused, and impactful way.

When the Julius Baer Foundation was established in 1965 by Walter J. Baer, its aim was to provide support to all forms of art, culture, and the various sciences, along with carefully selected charitable causes within Switzerland. Today the reach of the Foundation has grown and we are able to collaborate with over ten philanthropic projects worldwide, and two cultural events.

The Julius Baer Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of those who are contending with challenging circumstances but are determined to positively affect their own future and shape the world around them. The projects we select focus on helping young people between the ages of 15 and 24 on their way to becoming self-reliant, responsible adults. As a result, we can positively impact not only this generation but also the generations to come.

Core areas

  • Vocational training: providing young adults with the qualifications and life skills needed to find employment and care for themselves, their families, and their local communities
  • Recycling: teaching young adults about waste prevention, material collections, and reusing materials to create sustainable economies and sustainable business methodologies with the help of innovative technologies.


  • We look for partner organisations that match our mission statement and priorities
  • We seek to create mid to long-term partnerships with the organizations we work with
  • We see ourselves not only as a source of financial support but also as an experienced partner

Potential applicants

Please note that we will only consider applications submitted electronically and in English (using the Grant Application Form).