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The intermediary’s advantage in the next digital era

Why advisors that adapt will stand out in a post-pandemic new normal

The private banking industry faces a whole new paradigm in its drive to embed the latest technologies. Deployed well, these technologies can lift the individual client’s experience to a whole new level, fostering even greater trust and bond. But there is also the danger of a widespread undifferentiated automation weakening the client relationships. 

For intermediaries, the increasing automation of large banks spells opportunities. They have strong relationships with clients: in many cases bonds that have become stronger during the pandemic.

Our intermediary partners have an advantage in this new world if they act decisively to adapt.

Nic Dreckmann, COO & Head Intermediaries

In our first edition of the whitepaper we will answer the following key topics for Intermediaries:

  • Why is trusted advice more valued than ever?
  • How can small players take advantage of the current situation?
  • Why is understanding real client needs so key during these times?

In addition, our inaugural whitepaper also examines specific challenges faced by intermediaries today and looks at strategies to tackle them.

Intermediaries whitepaper

Curious to learn more? Download the whitepaper.

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