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The importance of Responsible Wealth Management

In this episode of our Wealth Insights podcast, we discuss Responsible Wealth Management, one of the hottest topics for both the financial services industry and our broader society today, with Julius Baer CEO Philipp Rickenbacher and Head Sustainability & Director of the Sustainability Board Yvonne Suter.




Responsible Wealth Management is one of today’s hottest topics for the wealth management industry and investors. Environmental, Social, and Governance topics are at the centre of many discussions among CEOs, governments and our broader society, particularly with the pandemic showing how fragile and interconnected our world is. In this episode of Wealth Insights we discuss how the financial services industry, and wealth managers like Julius Baer, can help drive the sustainability agenda forward. We also explore how investors who are keen to make an impact with their assets can start their responsible investment journey, and what embracing this movement can mean for those investors, as well as society as a whole.

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To hear the full conversation between Philipp, Yvonne, Emily, and John please use the player below or follow the links to Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Wealth Insights Podcast Episode 05: The importance of Responsible Wealth Management


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