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Singapore’s future after the pandemic - A nation reopens

As a nation, Singapore will move to treating the virus as endemic rather than pandemic, meaning learning to live with the virus, and entering a new normal. In this mini-series within our Beyond Markets podcast we explore the implications from different perspectives as Singapore embarks on this journey.




In Episode 1 of our Singapore mini-series Jen-Ai Chua, Research Equity Analyst Asia, and Pearlyn Wong, Head of Investment Promotion & Solutions Asia discuss the various implications of Singapore’s reopening approach. They analyse what it means for Singapore’s economy and which sectors stand to benefit the most from the re-opening measures, where the Singapore dollar is heading and explore potential pitfalls that investors should be aware of. In their economic outlook they also share how investors should position themselves for the next six to twelve months. Finally, our experts explain why the pandemic has brought ESG issues to the top of the policy agenda for many countries including Singapore. To find out more, listen to this special episode now.

Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Pearlyn and Jen-Ai’s conversation:

Beyond Markets Podcast Episode 22: Singapore mini-series E01 – The future after the pandemic - a nation reopens


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  • As Singapore has embarked on the first stage of a four-step reopening with the end goal being a Covid-resilient nation and a “new normal” for the island state, we are publishing a special mini-series on Singapore’s future after the pandemic. With currently more than 8.5 million vaccination shots administered and 73% of its population fully vaccinated, Singapore is the 3rd most vaccinated nation behind Malta and UAE. Also, the number of Covid cases has dropped significantly from over 200 in the last few months to less than 50. The government has therefore outlined a controlled four-step reopening plan, which entails easing travel restrictions, changes in healthcare protocols, increased size limits for events among other and greater rostered routine testing to facilitate further economic reopening. 

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