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Julius Baer’s ambitious training programme for apprentices offers you the opportunity to obtain a Federal VET Diploma as a bank clerk, IT professional focusing on system technology, or information and communication technology (ICT) specialist.

As an apprentice, you will

  • receive comprehensive training
  • build a network across the company
  • develop your overall skills to prepare for a career in banking at Julius Baer

Training as a bank clerk

During the three-year training course, you will attend classes two days a week at the KV Business School in Zurich and spend 30 days at the Centre for Young Professionals in Banking (CYP). You will also visit six different departments of our Bank, which will enable you to further develop your newly acquired theoretical knowledge and put it into practice in real-life situations. These training units and courses will enable you to gain the knowledge and practical skills needed to advance in banking.


  • Julius Baer offers eight apprenticeship placements per year.
  • Applications for apprenticeships beginning in summer 2021 can be submitted from mid-July 2020.
  • The bank clerk training is a three-year programme.

IT apprenticeships 

The IT apprenticeship with a focus on system technology and the apprenticeship qualifying you as an ICT specialist will provide you with sound knowledge of your chosen field of IT. You will complete your training with a Federal VET Diploma. These two ICT apprenticeships will give you the knowledge and practical skills needed for a career in IT at Julius Baer.


  • Julius Baer offers three IT apprenticeship placements, two with a focus on system technology and one for budding ICT specialists. Applications for apprenticeships beginning in summer 2021 can be submitted from mid-July 2020.
  • The IT training with a focus on system technology is a four-year programme.
  • The ICT specialist training is a three-year programme.

How to apply

Ambitious high school graduates who are interested in an apprenticeship that opens the doors to the banking industry or a career in IT are welcome to apply for the Julius Baer Apprenticeship Programme.

To do so, please submit the following documents by mid-July of each year for an apprenticeship starting the following year:

  • motivation letter
  • résumé with photograph
  • senior school diploma
  • multicheck result
  • certificates and diplomas

There are no open apprenticeship positions for the year 2021. Apprenticeship positions for the year 2022 will be published in July 2021.

Further information

Should you have any questions relating to the apprenticeship programme, please contact Benjamin Süess, Apprenticeship Programme Manager, directly.