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Elbphilharmonie ‘Innerviews’ - vision string quartet

Desires, visions, ideas: Join the successful string quartet on a walk through the Elbphilharmonie to learn more about the importance and future of the concert scene.




Elbphilharmonie ’Innerviews’ - vision string quartet

“The glass facade of the Elbphilharmonie was built on an old dockside warehouse, and we are also keen to build bridges between the traditional and the modern.” This artistic manifesto has helped vision string quartet enjoy success since 2012 and seen them turn the classical concert scene on its head. In this Innerview, the four exceptional musicians talk about how they see themselves as a string quartet, their vision for the future and the important role of culture within society.

We were always determined to provide a new take on the traditional genre of the string quartet.

vision string quartet

Pushing boundaries
The multi-award-winning quartet feel, among other things, that their innovative take can help them respond to an increasingly diverse audience. The four young artists see culture as a constantly changing entity: “We want to see a lively and dynamic concert scene, both now and in future.” So, what’s your take on the Elbphilharmonie? “We see ourselves as part of the change and feel the Elbphilharmonie has a pioneering role in transforming tomorrow’s musical landscape” – quite a compliment from such an innovative star quartet!

With visions
“A thrilling mix of carefree and talent,” enthuses one critic from the broadcaster SWR, while the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel talks of “a kind of unstudied nonchalance”. vision string quartet burst onto the international stage just a few years ago and conquered all before them. Since then, they have become one of the most in demand and exciting outfits on the chamber music scene. Besides the classical repertoire for string quartets, the foursome also perform their own compositions and arrangements from jazz, pop and rock.

The concerts put on by the four young musicians are big on variety and sometimes border on the extraordinary. The string quartet also see themselves as a band and feel at home in many environments. So, apart from classical concerts, they can also be seen performing in video and light installations at Berlin’s radialsystem venue, at thrilling concerts staged in the dark or at ballet productions put on by Hamburg choreographer John Neumeier.


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