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Singapore’s future after the pandemic - the Hospitality Industry reopens

As Singapore has embarked on the first stage of a four-step reopening with the end goal being a Covid-resilient nation and a “new normal” for the island state, we are publishing a special mini-series on Singapore’s future after the pandemic. This mini-series explores the implications of the reopening plans from different perspectives. In the second episode we will take a closer look at one the hardest hit industries: Hospitality.




Listen to the podcast
Click on the player below to hear Lik Peng and Jen-Ai’s conversation:

Beyond Markets Podcast Episode 23: Singapore mini-series E02 – The future after the pandemic - The hospitality industry reopens


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  • In the second episode of our mini-series about Singapore’s future after the pandemic, Jen-Ai Chua, equity analyst Asia talks to Loh Lik Peng, founder and CEO of Unlisted Collection, an umbrella brand with a portfolio of unique boutique hotels and restaurants. As Singapore is reopening and easing travel restrictions no sector is watching with greater anticipation than the hospitality sector, which has borne the brunt of border closures. Our experts will look back at the past 1.5 years and discuss how Covid has changed the way that hospitality players see their business and how priorities have been re-ordered since the pandemic started. They also look ahead and explore what the future holds for the hospitality sector in a short-term and long-term view. What are some of the more unique opportunities enjoyed by Singapore’s hospitality sector compared to other countries, and what are its more unique challenges? Find out more in this episode of our Beyond Markets Podcast.

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