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Let’s talk about gold

While other asset classes have risen rapidly this year, there has been less talk about gold recently. Compared to 2020, when we saw a breathtaking record-run, 2021 has been much calmer. Gold prices have moved gradually lower. Why have investors been staying on the sidelines?




The virus has had much less impact on gold this year, and it seems like precious metal markets have started to live with it. Nevertheless, 2021 came with quite a few surprises for investors, most notably inflation. Is this now the big thing for gold investors? What if the US Federal Reserve tightened monetary policy? Are gold investors silently moving over into crypto currencies? And what is the forecast for gold and silver going into the new year? Learn more in this episode with Carsten Menke, Head of Next Generation Research and Chris Irwin, Precious Metals Trader at Julius Baer.

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Beyond Markets Podcast Episode 34: Let's talk about gold


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